Rev Judith Wills M.Div
I am a mother of four grown up children, there should be a name for that! Having a family has been the greatest joy and learning curve possible for which I am deeply humbled and very grateful.
After forty years living in the Highlands of Scotland,  I now live in another beautiful country,  southern Ireland. 

I have thirty years experience as a Classical Homoeopath and  have taught in many colleges throughout the UK and have been  presenting seminars  in Spain, USA, Canada, Australia and UK  since 2000.
After many years working with people I re-discovered an inner calling into Spiritual Ministry that culminated in Ordination with the Interfaith Seminary in 2002. I studied for and was awarded a Masters in Divinity in 2004
The amalgam of Homoeopathy and Spiritual Counselling has proved to be a dynamic healing combination which is adapted to each person in respect of their unique needs.
Since then my work has been focussed on the reunion of health and healing with the spiritual journey. This culminated in writing a book, `The Mystic-Healer` which describes a new way of being in health care where the Mystic-Healer is as much a part of the healing as the therapy or tool they use.
 I also offer a year long introduction journey for those interested in become a Mystic-Healer for health care professionals wishing to deepen their existing skills by joining the world of healthcare with the spiritual journey. It is an innovative journey and an exciting response to the needs in the twenty first century