woman meditatingIn our chaotic world it is easy to find our heads full of thoughts with many of them conflicting. This leaves us in a perpetual state of indecision or confusion.  Contemplation is a tool that help us  discern the Highest Way in which  we can live and then to unite our thinking with this goal resulting in a focused mind and peaceful heart.
There is a Hindu story: Imagine a coach and horses;the horses are the thoughts and the coach is the body. Left to their own devices the thoughts/horses run amok, going wherever they like with the coach/body, bouncing along in their wake. Meditation is the exercise program for the thoughts based on integrity and deep inner peace. With meditation the thoughts are gathered under control and thus  become the driver of the horses  ensuring they all travel in the same direction. This ensures the body enjoys a smoother journey in response to the drivers skills.

stones in sand
Contemplation and  meditation puts us back in the drivers seat of our lives, our inner Higher Power choosing what we think about and thus,where we go. All of which results in a more centered serene life.