The Way of the Mystic-Healer

The year long  on-line course commences in a 2 day Retreat in Pert on 18th September 2018 and completes June 2019

Format:            Two hour monthly conference call in small groups
                         A one to one Skype call  with your mentor per month
                         Weekly group calls for each cohort
                         Questions to inspire discussion in the group calls
                          Assignments to work on each month
                         Activities to engage the body in the process

Requirement's: A genuine desire to develop your spiritual path.
                        Emotional maturity
                        Willingness to be deeply honest with yourself

                        A computer capable of Skype calls
                        A willingness to share with others
                        Time each day to focus on the course
                         A sense of humour !

Costs:                  The fee for the year is £1,200 which includes the   retreat fees.