Health is living in complete alignment with our sense of the Divine. By discovering our inner mission for life we can release the pain of the past and the fear of the future allowing a mindful `present` day where we can extend this centeredness to others. All of which results in a deep sense of peace.
Health is when we are in complete alignment with our beliefs, it could be called Divine Alignment, or living in the deepest of integrity.

If health is the goal, then healing is the journey to this place of opening to the Divine flowing through us.  As all the mystics have known and spoken of, to surrender to the Divine Will; becoming empty of our ego's desires allows us to fulfill our true God-given potential. As St Francis said " to become an instrument of thy peace". In the emptying is the filling.
The healing tools I use are Classical Homoeopathy, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Direction, Meditation and Prayer to facilitate people in re-discovering their anchor, their inner mission, and the integration of this into their world view.  This enables a deeper healing of your true self and an experience of the peace this brings.