Interspiritual Ministers work with those of faith and those with none. It acknowledges the innate spirituality of all and offers ways to help each person discern their personal beliefs. Using a variety of tools including meditation, prayer, ceremonies and counselling, you are supported in living your path in integrity and harmony. 

I offer baby blessings, wedding, funerals and rites of passage services all designed to reflect your beliefs.

Spiritual Counselling
Spiritual counselling offers you a safe and sacred space in which you will be held and witnessed in unconditional acceptance. Your understanding and relationship with your Higher Power is held paramount. You are held as you explore and update your vision of your Higher Power. This awareness becomes the anchor in which to relate to the rest of your life.  I offer you a safe space in which to explore this facet of your life, a listening ear and an open heart with which to journey with you as you settle into living in deeper integrity with your beliefs. I am there to share with, and to support you when confronting the challenges of living in accordance with your deepest belief's.