The journey of life is to identify the Divine place where God resides within us, and to live in accordance with this. To live in Divine integrity is to honour the Highest Power within and to commit to fully living this. So the initial discernment is who , or what , is your God?
How do you discern the goal of your life?
Once this has been unravelled and the goal seen clearly it is time to look at all the tools that will support your living in congruence with this. What qualities or values will you uphold to keep you in constant relationship with your intentions. This state of alignment is beneficial to health mentally and emotionally which then percolates through to the body healing and re-balancing the whole of the person.

I offer one to one sessions where we explore these questions and you determine the answers. Once you have clarity around this, I support you in holding you accountable to YOUR goal, YOUR intentions.

I also offer group work where up to 8 people get together and work through a series of ten classes to discern their answers.The group then continues in a relaxed format focusing on mutual accountability. This is not an easy option as you are really holding yourself to account, no-one else is. The group is there to support each other in this life long journey as we share the aim of Divine alignment in all aspects of our lives.