What or who is a Mystic-Healer? 

A Mystic is one who has transcended concepts and
ideology for an experiential relationship with the Divine.

A Mystic-Healer comes from  the Divine within to meet
and merge  with the Divine indwelling in everyone.

A Mystic-Healer 
"Truly sees you
Hears beyond words
Holds you in unconditional love"

The word `mystic` as used here refers to one who has an experiential relationship with the Divine and is aware of their inter-connectivity with the universe. From this they consciously chose to live in deep unity with their God. God is the forefront of all they do and in whose name it is done and they live every aspect of life in accordance with this. The mystic knows they are part of the univocity of all, that we are each facets and reflections of the diamond of spirituality. 

The Mystic –Healer is someone who takes their Divine relationship and consciously chooses to extend this to others in a Holy encounter; it is here that souls are healed. The Mystic-Healer understands that healing is from God and their role is as midwives, supporting the process.
A holy encounter is where both parties open their hearts to each other and in that opening allow the healing presence of the Divine to flow through healing both equally. The Mystic-Healer does not rest on any amount of knowledge, but on their `presence` with others. It is when we unite with the other in the holy encounter that healing occurs. No matter what tool we use, we can only take people to the level of our understanding of the  integration of health and the healing dynamic. This means that our only responsibility is to our own spiritual and personal growth as this determines our world view and thus how we perceive anything and everything in ourselves and the other.Our world view is how we see the world, is the glass half full or half empty? Are we `owed` a living or do we take responsibility for everything? The world view of the Mystic-Healer is of deep surrender to the Divine as the Source of all; a deep sense of unity with the Divine that transcends the illusion of separation and individuality the Mystic-Healer  perceives the world as perfect as it is and comes from God.The world view we each have is the determinant of our definition of health so represents not only how far we can `take` another, but also our limitations no matter what tool we use. 

 Who we are
We are everyday health care workers using all manner of orthodox and alternative methods of healing. What we have in common is the knowledge that our relationship with the other is vital and a deep desire and willingness to maximize this. We are a dentist, a health care assistant, a homeopath , an aromatherapist, a psychiatrist, a home help, a friend, a surgeon,  anyone involved in working with others in the health and healing field. In truth, we are everyman. 

 What we do
A Mystic-Healer places their emphasis on being fully present to the other, this quality of connection transcends the separation of bodies and as the souls merge healing is catalysed. It is not what we do but how and who we are that is the dynamic in the therapeutic relationship. Our aim is to embody our beliefs and live authentically which then influences all thoughts, words and actions. It could be said that we `do` nothing, it is the quality of presence that the mystic-healer offers. In homoeopathic terms, we offer a `potentised` presence whereby the interaction between client and mystic-healer can be the remedy itself. 

The Way of the Mystic- Healer
To be a Mystic-Healer is a life long journey of personal and spiritual discover and growth. To support this journey we offer a year- long mentored program introducing you to the qualities and values of the Mystic-Healer.The Way of the Mystic –Healer brings together all the component parts of the Mystic-Healer, from your personal needs and experiences to more commonly held values that are the experience of the role.

 Over the course of a year these areas are explored, experienced and inhabited.You become your own Souls Apprentice discerning where your attention needs to be focused as well as a member of a community sharing the journey together. This means half the program is uniquely yours and the other half shared with others.Each month builds on the previous month inviting you to slowly, overtime, change your life to be in alignment with your beliefs and living in deepest authenticity. It is a life long journey for which this course is the launch pad. 

Ethos:     The Mystic-Healer believes:  
Ø That we are all One, part of the Universal Source of All, God.
  That our purpose is healing through union
Ø  That every encounter is an opportunity for mutual healing
Ø  That forgiveness is a powerful healing dynamic
Ø  That deep healing takes place in the soul.
Ø  That how we are in every thought, word and action must be in divine alignment which  is our daily goal.
Ø  That personal  integrity is when we fully surrender to the Divine

Ethics:     The Mystic -Healer commits to live:

Ø  In conscious and committed self-awareness
Ø  As honestly as awareness allows
Ø  With compassion for every living organism
Ø  In constant practice of forgiveness, of self and others.
Ø  Committed to spiritual practice and growth
Ø  In the deepest integrity possible at all times
Ø  In Authenticity, with Reverence and as Simply as they can.