The Way of the Mystic-Healer

“The seeker, though in search of healing knowledge, was unknowingly also knocking on the door of mystical transformation.”
Caroline Myss
This course is for anyone involved in the fields of health and healing who sees the inter-relatedness of all and the inclusion of the spiritual world in ultimate healing. These people will have been involved in health care maybe for some time and feeling a yearning to deepen how they are with their clients. A yearning not addressed by attaining more knowledge, more tools and more ways to `do` their job.
The Way of the Mystic –Healer is a year -long mentored course designed to bring to conscious mind the values and qualities of the spiritual journey . Through the use of activities and the `Community Café` all learning is anchored and embodied. This experientially transforms knowledge into wisdom.

Ah why, the eternal question which, in this case, is answered by your sense of searching. Searching for more depth to what you do, a desire to `be` more than do.

The `Way` is an on –line course where the groups are small to ensure full participation by all. There is a monthly mentor-led conference call introducing each month’s topic and a monthly personal call for each participant.
The groups are encouraged to meet up themselves on a weekly basis to deepen the bonds of community and enrich each person’s journey through shared experiences.

The next course starts September 18th 2018

Program Descriptor

The aim of this experiential  program is to accompany you in stepping more deeply into living in Divine alignment. Mysticism is the relationship with the Divine so all learning and growth is experiential and takes place in the head, heart and action.
There are two parts to the program, in the first part You become your own souls apprentice in discerning where your focus for growth lies. You create a part of the curriculum for the course yourself in discussion with your mentor. The second part is still personal work yet carried out in a more communal way.

Your Souls Apprentice.
We are all different so no one program can address each person’s needs.
 In keeping with respecting each their journey the first part of this program is:
Determined by you and your needs.
The curriculum set by you to address these needs.
At the end of the course, the evaluation of your progress is done by you.
 We are here to be witnesses in your journey and support you in whatever you deem as required.
In this section you spend time with your mentor in discerning your inner challenges and how you might face, embrace and grow with them. 
These then become the curriculum for the Souls Apprentice part of the program which is an on-going process in keeping with your discerned curriculum and mode of learning.
The Conscious Community Café.
Here is where we meet on-line, over the phones and in person if possible. We share cake and coffee as we explore the values and qualities of living in Divine alignment.
This component will introduce the qualities thatcomprise the Mystical way of living in a supported community environment allowing us all to learn alone and also by the osmotic process of group experience.

Here we:
Deepen our understanding and awareness of the power of the healing path.
Explore and embrace the qualities of Spiritual Living
Open ourselves to become the vehicle for Divine healing
Step into an experiential relationship with the Divine
Extend this relationship to everyone we meet
 Together we embrace these qualities, commencing with one quality and each month adding another as we explore the flow, the resistances and the changes that this transformative process has on our daily lives.

The Mentorship involves

 One to one work on discerning your Souls Apprenticeship curriculum
Regular witnessing and support of this
A monthly led Community Cafe call where you are part of a small cohort traveling together for a year. You are encouraged to meet weekly within this group in whatever format works for the group..
Weekly questions will be sent to you to deepen your inner exploration and encourage full immersion into each quality
Also an hour-long personal one to one mentor call each month for you to discuss and explore in depth what is arising for you.
Regular journal work
Activities to anchor any shifts in world view
Prayer / Intention journal to `earth` all insights in the Divine relationship.

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