Interspiritual  ministers  create legal,  unique and deeply personal wedding ceremonies reflecting the spiritual beliefs of the couple and their intentions for their marriage. We explore the qualities that will inform  your future relationship and incorporate this within the ceremony to create a spiritually meaningful service to anchor your commitment to each other.
Marriage is the union of two people, committing themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Together they face whatever life brings, to rejoice at the highs and to share the lows of life. 
To create your ceremony  we would meet up and explore your shared beliefs, look for music,prayers  and readings that reflect you as a couple. We keep in regular contact refining the ceremony until it is exactly what you want. 
Marriage is a deep and sacred commitment freely given, witnessed by family and friends and blessed by the Divine.

What is Marriage?
Marriage is a sacred commitment made between two people who have made the decision to spend their lives together. It is an invisible bond forged from their vows and promises to each other. Marriage is a container woven through life and all the shared events, both tragic and joyous. Each event deepening their bonds, enhancing their marriage supporting them through the more challenging times.

The wedding ceremony is making a promise:
marriage is living the promise.


A promise to the other to not give up on them, to always be there even when the other may be kicking off or have lost their way. Marriage is a promise to always see the best in the other, to always see them as they were on the day you married them. Thus Marriage offers a gift of accountability, your closest most loved one always wanting you to be the best you can be.


The Wedding Ceremony
The wedding ceremony is an energetic exchange between two people; it also celebrates and makes explicit the change in each family, the merging of two family clans. With family and friends bearing witness to the promises made and the ensuing changes in the extended family.

Marriage is a belonging, a place in a person that is always `home`.


Weddings .

Your wedding,
 your way

Religious: Most people would seek a Minister or Priest from their own tradition however it might be a ceremony between individuals who follow different religions in which case we weave together a ceremony respecting and incorporating both religions in keeping with the beliefs of the couple.

Spiritual:  We listen to your individual spiritual  beliefs or word view and, together with you, explore how these merge into your shared belief that will be the basis for your marriage. We then consider any rituals you might want to include as anchors in the service before we create a ceremony to reflect your beliefs and wishes.

Many people do not have formalised views or beliefs and sometimes are unsure in what they want in their wedding ceremony. In this instance we would work with you in gaining some clarity around your beliefs before suggesting a variety of models, readings, prayers, poems, ritual and music instrumental in creating a ceremony that reflects the merging of individual beliefs into one unified world view.

Rituals:  Rituals are the grammar of life.They are the third part of the trinity of `thought, word and deed`. Ritual anchors words in action reinforcing their meaning and intent and so play a powerful dynamic role in a wedding ceremony.

 Some rituals to consider

In the sand ritual the couple each have a small container of different coloured sands which they pour into one vase together layering, mixing and combining together their individual colours into a shared colour  
Blessing of the rings:
A friendship Quaich is often used to hold the wedding rings of the couple. In this ritual someone is tasked with taking the Quaich round all the people present who have been invited to hold their hand over the rings and `bless` the couple’s marriage. The rings are taken back to the Minister for the final blessing before the taking of the vows.  

Candle of Marriage
The Candle of Marriage rests on the altar, beside it two taper candles. At the designated time the taper candles are lit and handed to the couple, these represent their single lives where they did everything for themselves. They are invited to reflect on their single life and, when ready, to light the candle of marriage together. This represents the movement from I, me and mine, to us, we and ours. They then extinguish the taper candles as their lives have united in a single flame in the candle of marriage.  
handfasting is an ancient tradition from the times when only the very rich could afford precious metals for their rings. Ordinary people were tied together by ropes, or tartans or ribbons as symbols of their union. Often ribbons of different colours were used, the colours having different meanings the couple would select which colours best represented their intentions in marriage and be bound by them

Family Motto
To promote unity and represent the uniqueness of their marriage  many couples spend some time to discerns the spiritual qualities they embody.
 These are then woven together to create a motto or saying uniting the couple in a mutual guiding philosophy.
Some examples are:
 Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful
 Tutum Refugium – A Safe Refuge
Sarsum Cordia – Heart Upwards
I am approved by the Registrar General for Scotland so able to perform legally binding marriage ceremonies. In Scotland it is the minister that is licensed so we can perform your ceremony wherever you want it


“Judith married us in July 2016. We wanted our ceremony to be very personal but weren't quite sure where to start.After talking lots of time to talk it through with us and discovering what sort of wedding we wanted, Judith gave us lots of beautiful ideas for the ceremony.
Judith was amazing, communicating with us both together and separately, guiding us through the writing of our wedding vows and our letters that we read out to each other as part of the ceremony.
But, more than that, Judith made us really think about what is important to each of us in our lives, what we love about each other and why and why we wanted to make this commitment. This played an important part of shaping our vows, making it so very meaningful and personal.
We married in a small wood with a large gathering of friends and family and apparently there wasn't a dry eye in the house!
We are eternally grateful for Judith's help and guidance, her presence and personality helped make the day a truly spiritual experience.”

Kim Blackwell

I currently work in Ireland.  If you are looking for an Interspiritual minister with a similar approach to myself in Scotland , please contact Rev. Andrew Hunter, based in West Lothian, near Edinburgh who works in Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. For more information on Rev Hunter please go to:  www.marryinscotland.co.uk