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Serene Living
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A week ago I sent out the flyers to the launch of The Mystic-Healer book and course.

The next day I found myself hovering over my e-mail waiting for responses... nothing.

 For a wee while my ego was flattened, until I read the Course in Miracles lesson for the day.
 "There is nothing to fear".
 Immediately it was as if a light had been turned on, if this project is meant to be then people will appear and I need not stress about it.

All I need do is trust, do my very best and just trust.

The Mystic-Healer

Well, this is it, the coming together of all the work i have done over the years linking  health and healing and the spiritual world. 

It is the culmination of all my clients have offered me, my teachers have taught me, my experiences have gifted me, my seminars have reflected back to me.

So the book, this product of  this amalgamation is now named, `The Mystic-Healer` and the course is `The Way of the Mystic-Healer`.

Was it pretentious to use the words  `mystic` and `healer` I asked myself and a few friends.

Serene Living

12th January 2015
Amazing how Intentions can be blownbefore they have even started! I had intended to start this on the first ofJanuary, but was ill and too feeble to press the keys.
So, here we are now. The purpose of thisblog is to amuse, entertain, join and grow with you in exploring how we mightmake our lives more peaceful, more centred and focused and thus enable us tostep more easily into a place of serenity. Serenity as experienced emotionally,mentally and lived experientially in the body.

Christmas 2014

Christmas is fast approaching amid the parties, the present buying, the commercialism, until finally we will come to the day when the world stops: well for most of us in the western world that is. Christmas Day is a day off, a day off work, from the business of life, from the demands of the telephone, from expectations of others, from the fears of not being good enough, fears of being judged by others and all the other inadequate feelings that life brings up. Christmas Day offers us a whole day to focus on what really matters, we travel many miles to get there, to return home to our loved ones who love us despite really knowing us!

Sacred Places

  I was recently speaking with a woman who had, just a couple of days previously, completed a second round of climbing all the Munros in Scotland. Undoubtably a huge achievement. As we spoke she shared how walking and climbing in the hills and mountains is a metaphor for life. How the light constantly changes, how the weather affects the journey, how it is never ever the same walk twice. Yet, throughout all no matter how deep the cloud layer was, even when feet were not visible she knew the mountain was there beneath her. The reverence and respect with which she spoke of the hills transformed them from mere mounds of rock and earth to a secure, sacred anchor on which she stood.   If the mountains are one manifestation of the sacred, it struck me that , like God, they are always there and we relate to them depending where we are on our spiritual journey. They are there as adrenaline-gods, to be ascended with the sole purpose of catapulting oneself off a precipice to descend at velocity for the rush of adrenaline, a surge of 'feeling alive'. They are there to be climbed as the challenge between man and nature when we need to win. They are there to be bagged as we compete with ourself and others. The mountains are also there to be appreciated, to be in awe of, to be walked in reverence, regarded as a sacred space in a chaotic world.   In seeing some of the photos of the day most included friends. I was struck by this woman's relationship with the mountains and hills, truly a spiritual relationship and what better way to celebrate her achievement than to ascend the final Munro surrounded by friends who share her belief. To celebrate and worship together in her own glorious cathedral. Today, tomorrow, one day soon have a look up to the mountains or wherever is special for you and remind yourself of what it means to you..... Happy musings



All you need is love.....!

All you need is love….. We are at that time of year that can be highly stressful, deeply challenging, frantic, frenetic and slightly bonkers…and that is just in planning the menu!  Add to this the buying, writing and sending of cards, the agony of selecting the right gift, the tact and diplomacy of who to invite and when and the only outcome can be stress and a wee trip to the divorce lawyers in the New Year. Who needs it? For many the reason behind Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ  has become diluted and could just be seen as an orgy of wanton materialism. Yet, below the surface lurks  a deeper yearning, a desire to return home. Home here on earth to our families and where we came from, allowing us to remember who we are and not who we might have become in order to survive. Home, is where they know us and we know them. Home is a  place where it is safe to be yourself hence so much bickering, it takes a strong relationship to survive arguments and disagreements and there is something about families that allows this. Maybe this year it is time to forget the perfect cake or glazing on the turkey and remember the wonder of our families; to smile at their foibles and laugh at jokes we have heard a hundred times. Maybe this year we can forget form and focus on content. These people, our families know the real `us` and still love us. Maybe now is the time to extend the hand of unconditional love and acceptance to all around.  Maybe Christ-love is born anew in our hearts and our homes this Christmas and  we will see Love in everyone .


This week is Loneliness Awareness Week offering us a chance to explore the many diverse ways loneliness is experienced. With a third of the population living alone it might be thought that here is where all loneliness dwells. Yet in listening to some of the programs and phone-ins on the subject it becomes apparent that this is not the case. One person reflected that there is no loneliness like being in an unhappy marriage. Another mentioned a very full life, yet was still experiencing a deep sense of isolation.

Thou shalt not steal

In conversation recently with the Ballachulish Babes we came to explore the commandment `Thou shalt not steal`. What emerged  was a look at how we steal our own time by distracting from our inner journey,.
How much time we spend being in the past, or the future, or distracting in so many different ways form being fully present to the here and now. We came to the conclusion that the journey of the mystics is to be fully present to the Beloved at all times...  I wonder, do monks and nuns always look so much younger because they spend more time with God?