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We have come to that time of year again, Easter. The word comes from a pagan goddess Eastra and is a derivative of the word estrogen, the female hormone. Easter is the time of birth and re-birth. the birthing of new life and the transforming of existing life.
Lambs are born, flowers, crops all emerge and for us, the chance to be re-born. Is there a part of you you would like to release, maybe a thought, a habit, a mind set. So now is the time to do so, to chose to release a thought or fear that limits your living fully.... is to be re-born a little different, a little more you...

New Beginnings

Ever wake up knowing, just knowing it is a whole new day and that something has shifted?  Now, how to anchor that change! Is it the spring equinox, the new Archbishop or the new Pope? It matters not, each day is  is such a gift and for today, just today, be the very best we can be.. that's all, easy as that. 
I call it the `One-day` diet... just focus each day on that day and all shall be well......