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Sacred Places

  I was recently speaking with a woman who had, just a couple of days previously, completed a second round of climbing all the Munros in Scotland. Undoubtably a huge achievement. As we spoke she shared how walking and climbing in the hills and mountains is a metaphor for life. How the light constantly changes, how the weather affects the journey, how it is never ever the same walk twice. Yet, throughout all no matter how deep the cloud layer was, even when feet were not visible she knew the mountain was there beneath her. The reverence and respect with which she spoke of the hills transformed them from mere mounds of rock and earth to a secure, sacred anchor on which she stood.   If the mountains are one manifestation of the sacred, it struck me that , like God, they are always there and we relate to them depending where we are on our spiritual journey. They are there as adrenaline-gods, to be ascended with the sole purpose of catapulting oneself off a precipice to descend at velocity for the rush of adrenaline, a surge of 'feeling alive'. They are there to be climbed as the challenge between man and nature when we need to win. They are there to be bagged as we compete with ourself and others. The mountains are also there to be appreciated, to be in awe of, to be walked in reverence, regarded as a sacred space in a chaotic world.   In seeing some of the photos of the day most included friends. I was struck by this woman's relationship with the mountains and hills, truly a spiritual relationship and what better way to celebrate her achievement than to ascend the final Munro surrounded by friends who share her belief. To celebrate and worship together in her own glorious cathedral. Today, tomorrow, one day soon have a look up to the mountains or wherever is special for you and remind yourself of what it means to you..... Happy musings

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