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The Mystic Healer


A week ago I sent out the flyers to the launch of The Mystic-Healer book and course.

The next day I found myself hovering over my e-mail waiting for responses... nothing.

 For a wee while my ego was flattened, until I read the Course in Miracles lesson for the day.
 "There is nothing to fear".
 Immediately it was as if a light had been turned on, if this project is meant to be then people will appear and I need not stress about it.

All I need do is trust, do my very best and just trust.

The Mystic-Healer

Well, this is it, the coming together of all the work i have done over the years linking  health and healing and the spiritual world. 

It is the culmination of all my clients have offered me, my teachers have taught me, my experiences have gifted me, my seminars have reflected back to me.

So the book, this product of  this amalgamation is now named, `The Mystic-Healer` and the course is `The Way of the Mystic-Healer`.

Was it pretentious to use the words  `mystic` and `healer` I asked myself and a few friends.